Studio 410

About Us

Performing Art Studio
Performing Arts Centre
(Upper Level)

For all you singing, dancing fools (or fools in training). Our upper level satisfies any itch for musicians, dancers, and performers alike. And for all you people internally bumming out and telling yourselves “Hmph, I don’t have a musical bone in my body”, you’re in luck, because 1) that’s what lessons are for and 2) we host events throughout the year where you can bask in the sweet glory of professional musicians without the brow sweat of trying to make those sounds yourself.

From Lessons, Musical Theatre Productions and Workshops, to House Concerts and Jam sessions, the Performing Arts Centre is a pretty vibin’ place. Click on the drop menu to check it out!



Fitness & Health Center
Fitness & Health Centre
(Lower Level)

If you're taking your first ever steps into a gym or you’re one bench press away from looking like a sculpted Greek God, there is a program or service for you here! We offer 24/7 access (yes, you heard us shift workers, this one’s for you), and a functional movement facility (which is fancy gym lingo for “there are no scary machines, and the gym works your body the way you’re supposed to work your body”. After joining our gym, you’ll know a thing or two about workin’ it, amiright?).

Open Gym Access, Barbell Club, StrongFit Games, Personal Training - I could list on all day, but you’ve got things to do so you can just click on the drop menu to check it out!



The Owners
The Owners

Devan and Paige here. We’ll tell you a bit about ourselves, but first, let’s talk about dreaming big, shall we? This studio was one of our dreams from when we were kids and pretended to keep logs of camp kids, played every character in a made-up musical, and made fake cold calls to recruit gym members. You know, normal children games. 

Our goal with Studio 410 is to light Teeswater up from the inside out. This place stands for self appreciation, exploration, love and community. If everyone who comes in finds a little something in themselves and in others that gives them that sneaky little giddy feeling in the place where laughs from from, then we’ve done our job, and this whole area will be a lot brighter for it. 

Since opening in 2015, we’ve hand selected a wonderful 410 team, and built up an incredibly supportive 410 family (That’s you guys.) Check out the ‘Our Team’ page to learn about the backgrounds of our qualified, inspiring and down right freakin' awesome team.