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Group Fitness Classes



Group Fitness Class

For those who enjoy keeping things exciting with different class options.
Make it social, stay motivated and alleviate boredom from your regular workouts.

Build the unbreakable bond that comes with suffering as a group. (That's part joke and part truth. For you team oriented folk, classes are much more enjoyable than whimpering to yourself on a treadmill, no?)

We have packages for every individual – whether you're a busy bee who just wants to pop in and crush a class once in a while, or a die hard regular who's going to Group Fit the heck out of your year, we have an option that is perfect for you!


Group Fitness Membership (begins at $100 per month) 

Group Fitness Membership

Fun and social environment

Challenge various aspects of fitness (cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, flexibility)

Six group fitness classes available each week (works out to $6.25 per class if you go to 4 per week!)

Open Gym Membership

Key access gives members 24/7 access



* Barbell Club classes on Mondays & Wednesdays at 6:30-7:30pm and Fridays at 5:30-6:30pm are now a part of your Group Fitness membership!

* Gentle Yoga with Laurie will change to Wednesday from 9-10am for July and August 2018
* Yoga for Anxiety and Yoga Tone will not be running starting June 21, 2018 until further notice

Want to get started right away? Pick and purchase the package that is the right fit for you!






Price Chart:


  Price Member Pricing
Drop-In $15 $10 
18 Class Card $250 $200 
3 Month Membership $375  
6 Month Membership $650  
12 Month Membership $1200