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Lifestyle Coaching



Lifestyle Coaching

Your goals are our goals. We want you to be able to achieve what you want, and we understand that sometimes it is a lot harder than it seems, and the hardest step is the first one!

We feel you. You have a picture in your mind of this ideal you who sweat their butt off on the daily, sticks to a healthy eating schedule, wakes up early to meditate, rubs elbows with Oprah, become a Shaman, you know, fantasy you.

Let us help you bridge the gap between current you (who is still awesome), to future incredible, unstoppable dream you (who is ever more awesome). Your goals will be allotted into an action plan to achieve your fantasy self. (No promises on the Oprah part, but one can dream).

Lifestyle coaching allows us to help you implement positive changes into your life to improve your health. Changes are most successful when teamwork is involved - and lifestyle coaching gives you just that.

What you get: 


Session Price
60 minutes $55
45 minutes $40
30 minutes $30
Pack of 8 sessions $35/hour


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