Studio 410

Music Lessons


Music Lessons

What makes Studio 410's Music Lessons so special?
Our focus is on performance and musicianship. Therefore, we hand select the best teachers in the area, who are seasoned professionals and performers. 
Studio 410 teaches a practical hands on approach to music education, tailored to the student's specific goals and interests, while working off CNCM curriculum. Here, we don't just give your child music, we train future musicians and performers! 

Music has been proven to help young and old alike to find themselves, succeed in school, and to be more productive at work. Not only is it stupid fun to be able to play an instrument (everyone wants to be that guy who can whip out a guitar at a camp fire), but music helps to stimulate electrical activity of the brain so that the right and left hemispheres work in tandem. Through music, you can achieve the full potential of the mind!

 Guys, even Ed Sheeran couldn't sing before he worked at it (see below. Cringe faces at the ready).

 Point being, where you are now doesnt determine where you'll end up. Our music teachers will develop your potential

Studio 410 offers the following music lessons (Beginner to Advanced*):


*Beginner to Advanced refers to the classifcation of the teacher's instruction level, NOT the student's playing level. Please see the teacher classification chart at the bottom of the page. 


Music Lessons (1/2 hour)


Music Lessons (1 hour)


Beginner instruction:

$18/half hour


Advanced instruction:

$23/half hour


Group Music Lesson:

$13/half hour


* payment is due at the start of each month

*click here to review our studio policies and music lesson payment schedule 



Per Half Hour Lesson



Devan - Fiddle, Dance



Devan - Piano, Voice







Roger - Guitar





Jane - Piano



Jane - Harp



Andrea - Voice