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Personal Training



Personal Training

Real Talk. You know when movie stars have to slim down or buff up? What' their first step?

They get a personal trainer.

It guarantees results from goal specific personalized programs, and someone is there holding your hand the whole time to make sure you're safely and properly getting the most out of your workouts. (To clarify, the hand holding thing was a metahpor, I mean, unless your session goes really well I guess).

So be a Chris Pratt and sign on up.

If you need help with accountability, training wheels to get used to working out, or guidance and motivation ot reach specific goals, personal training will be your JAM. 

Through one-on-one sessions, we want to help you focus on all aspects of wellness - physical, mental and emotional - so that you can feel better and move better in everyday life! )Or in a movie, if the opportunity ever comes your way.)



Drop In Personal Training Sessions are available!

Session Price
60 minutes $55
45 minutes $40
30 minutes $30
Pack of 8 sessions $35/hour


Contact us for more information or to set up your first appointment!