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MTC Rehearsals

Surviving the First Rehearsal 

At the first rehearsal, kids in the cast receive their scripts and get to know the rest of their collaborators. Some cast members may want to count their lines, but this should be discouraged. The authors created every character for a reason, and each role impacts the entire production. 


The cast is set and now it’s time to get to work. Here are some ways that you can help your child. 


If your child is struggling to memorize lines, here are some solutions: 

Technical Rehearsals 

At these rehearsals, the director adds the technical elements of lights, sound, hand properties (aka props), and even special effects such as fog. Tech rehearsals can seem long and tedious, but are where the important details of the show are ironed out. 

Here are some ways you can help: 

Dress Rehearsals

Costumes are now added to complement the technical elements now in place. With actors in “dress”, their characters come to life in a magical way. 

Costume Hints

Since your child has spent a lot of time rehearsing and developing her or his character, it’s possibile that a costume might look or feel awkward at first. But it’s important to be patient and grateful for the costumer’s hard work, since many hours have been spent sewing and shopping for costume pieces. While a costume might seem a little silly by itself, it will blend in or stand out beautifully in the overall design of the show. 

It is very important that cast members avoid eating or drinking while in costume. 


Extracted from: Family Matters, A Parent’s Guide to the Magic of Theatre