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Small Group Training





The program with the highest results and the buffest, baddest tribe in town. 


Challenge yourself! Our Small Group Training Membership is for those who want a lot of support and a lot of results.

Group fitness and personal training collide.


Lose weight - Get strong - Feel confident 

Here are the deets:

Small Group Training provides you with the opportunity to work out three times each week in an encouraging and supportive environment of like-minded individuals that are working towards similar lifestyle goals. Through Functional Movement Screening (FMS), individuals are prescribed corrective exercises that will improve fundamental movements, motor control within movement patterns and competence of basic movement patterns. Simply speaking, corrective programming seeks to reduce risk of injury and allows participants to get the most possible benefit out of their workout. After completing individually prescribed correctives, participants cycle through a strength and conditioning cycle to challenge various aspects of fitness. The class ends with a circuit style workout that is to be kept short and intense. Every week, nutrition logs are collected and weigh-ins and measurements are recorded. Individual statistics and personal bests are tracked so that quarterly feedback can be provided to members.


Your Functional Movement Screen (FMS) results will allow your coach to individualize your workout - the group works out as a unit, but you complete exercises that are appropriate for your level of fitness.

Nutrition support and weigh ins and measurements are included each week. Many members have seen up to a loss of 30lbs on this SGT program. With dedication to class times and food logs, results are guaranteed! 


 This program has the highest level of results, success and accountability.


There are six classes available each week, and all additional group fitness classes are available to SGT members for FREE! 


Small Group Training Membership (starts at $190 per month) 


Your Small Group Training Membership Includes:

Small Group sessions 3x each week (6 classes to choose from)

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) conducted and corrective exercises prescribed 

Individualized adaptations made to group workout based on your FMS results and fitness level

Personal coaching check-ins 

Nutrition support, weigh ins, measurements 

Fun and social environment

Challenge various aspects of fitness (cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, flexibility)

Six group fitness classes available each week 

Key access gives members 24/7 access

Access to weekly updates on all things health and fitness (nutrition, motivation, training tips, exercise or wellness)