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Why A Musical?

Why A Musical? 

A musical brings together all of tha rts in one comprehensive program. Music and dance introudce basic performing arts. The designa nd creation of sets, costumes and props integrate the visual arts. Rehearsing and performing dialogue develops language skills. Integrating sound and lighting explores the use of technology. As you can see, a musical celebrates many diverse disciplines in one arena. 


In addition, the process of presenting a musical offers young people the oppotunity to develop social skills and learn valuable life lessons. Some examples follow: 


- In a musical, everyone's contribution is important

- Everyone must work together for the greater good, encouraging collaboration and community 

- Children learn the importance of listening to each other speak and waiting on one's turn. They take positive risks and conquer fears while building self-confidence 

- Assessment in a musical is nearly instantaneous in the applause and standing ovations participants receive at the end of the show, meaning they don't have to wait months for a grade, praise or feedback 

But the best part? A musical is a lot of fun for everyone invovled, whether your child creates sets, helps with the box office, sings in the chorus or plays a lead.